Nutrition and Food Safety

2 modules

Course Length
45 mins

Ed Kiefer

$0 - 40


Training Delivery Format = Online/On Demand (Asynchronous).  This course introduces nutrition, modified diets, food safety, and food service. Focus on shopping, food storage, food preparation, and menu skills are included along with information on recognizing and preventing food-borne illness. As a result of this highly interactive training, learners will obtain confidence and skill to engage in best practices all the way from shopping at the grocery store to preparing and serving meals. This course will strengthen the learner's ability to maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle for the individuals served.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate DSP Cert Template FINAL ver. 1 (w/ STGW Statement)

Nutrition & Food Safety
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Nutrition and Food Safety Course Survey
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