Training Delivery Format = Online/On Demand (Asynchronous).  This course introduces learners to identification of possible risks of exposure to bloodborne pathogens along with universal precautions and protection methods. This course satisfies OSHA and MIOSHA requirements for those working in licensed homes and any other work setting where an individual is likely to come in contact with blood or other bodily fluids. Read More

Training Delivery Format = Online/On Demand (Asynchronous).  This comprehensive course is for Direct Support Professionals, clinical staff, administration, and support coordinators who want to know more about food textures, food consistency, and choking hazards related to modified diets. Detailed information is included on causes, signs and symptoms, and treatment of dysphasia (chewing/swallowing difficulty) which includes comprehensive video examples of tools and steps needed to prepare for and execute all modified food textures or consistencies per physicians order. Read More

Training Delivery Format = Online/On Demand (Asynchronous).  This course on Cultural Competency examines the concepts and practice of cultural diversity and multicultural awareness in organizations. This course is suitable for all levels of employees with an emphasis on awareness of cultural perspective and needs of the individuals supported plus strategies to provide culturally competent and culturally enhancing services. As a result of this course, Learners will understand that developing cultural competence is a skill that results in an ability to understand, communicate, and effectively interact with people across cultures thereby improving the quality of services for all.  This course is valid for 3 years. Read More

This bundle includes courses associated with the Easterseals MORC Direct Support Professional Curriculum.   All courses have been vetted and meet the Statewide Training Guidelines in Michigan.  17% discount when purchased in this bundle.  Below is a list of the trainings associated with this bundle: 01 Introduction to Human Services 02 Bloodborne Pathogen 03 *Working with People 04 Emergency Preparedness 05 Nutrition & Food Safety 06 Cultural Competency 07 Health 08 Limited English Proficiency 09 Documentation Basics 10 Due Process 11 Medications * Working with People is the only course in the bundle that includes approved Social Work CEUs. Read More

Training Delivery Format = Online/On Demand (Asynchronous).  This interactive course leads learners through seven modules related to best practices of documentation. Topics include understanding Medicaid Streams of Funding and Documentation Basics. Additionally, the learner will be able to accurately complete an Incident Report, a Healthcare Chronological, an Appointment Information Record, a Community Living Support Log, and common Data Sheets. After the initial certification, this course can be used as a refresher or supplemental training by Direct Support Professionals and Managers.  This course is valid for three (3) years. Read More

Training Delivery Format = Online/On Demand (Asynchronous). Course Objectives Recognize the right of individuals receiving services to appeal adverse benefit determinations, or file a grievance regarding their services. " Recognize the requirements to notify individuals of their appeal rights. Identify routes available to appeal adverse benefit determinations. Understand what Due Process is. Read More

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