Implicit Bias Training for LARA Workforce & Social Workers On Demand/Asynchronous Version (2 Hour/Credits)

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2 hours

Ed Kiefer

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Training Delivery Format = On Demand (Asynchronous). Implicit bias is described as prejudices that unknowingly influence thinking and reaction to events and information. Implicit Bias negatively impacts the way people are treated by health professionals and the structural inequities in healthcare can be detrimental for people of color and other members of marginalized communities including those we support through Easterseals MORC.   As Easterseals MORC is committed to being the best and maximizing potential for those we support it is essential for us to engage in this inclusive experience and engaging learning experience. This two hour On-Demand Implicit Bias Training includes interactive components, thought-provoking videos, and self-assessments. This course meets the requirements associated with Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) Rule 338.7001 (c). This course is approved by the Michigan Social Work Continuing Education Collaborative. 2 CEU Hours. Approval #MICE 012218.  Upon purchase you will be enrolled in the course and can take the course by returning to your LearnUpon Dashboard.  Upon completion of the course survey, you will receive your certificate and our LearnUpon system will remind you in two years via email of enrollment to consider us for your renewal needs.  


  1. Explain the meaning of Implicit Bias.  This will include a complete understanding of the historical basis and present basis of implicit bias based on an individual’s characteristics.
  2. Recognize its impact on one’s work.  This will include your recognition of serving a diverse population and barriers and disparities in their access to and delivery of health care services.
  3. Execute the steps to remedy Implicit Bias.  This will include an ability to identify and implement effective strategies to alleviate the negative impact of implicit bias by recognizing how it impacts perception, judgement, and actions.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Implicit Bias (CEUs/LARA)

Learning Credits

Implicit Bias: Implications for Healthcare Access and Service Delivery (On Demand/Asynchronous Version) 2 Hours/2 Credits
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Implicit Bias Training Pre/Post Assessment & Survey
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