Training Delivery Format = Online/On Demand (Asynchronous).  Medication has a significant impact on an individual’s overall health, behavior, well-being and their ability to prevent, combat and treat disease.  This course is focused on the information needed to safely and accurately perform the critical tasks needed to administer medication to the individuals you serve.  The learner must successfully complete medication training including: reading a printable module of information that follows an online presentation, practical coursework, instructional videos and resources.  You must pass a 25 question assessment of your knowledge with a score of 80% or better. Read More

Training Delivery Format = Online/On Demand (Asynchronous).  This course introduces nutrition, modified diets, food safety, and food service. Focus on shopping, food storage, food preparation, and menu skills are included along with information on recognizing and preventing food-borne illness. As a result of this highly interactive training, learners will obtain confidence and skill to engage in best practices all the way from shopping at the grocery store to preparing and serving meals. This course will strengthen the learner's ability to maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle for the individuals served. Read More

Pain Managment: Empathize Don’t Internalize:  Staying the Right Size in the Face of Demands Training Delivery Format = Live, Virtual (Synchronous). This two-hour course will discuss the topics of Natural Pain Management and Self-Care for Social Workers experiencing Compassion Fatigue and its related stressors and symptoms on both the individual and organizational levels. A full examination will be given to defining compassion fatigue and its prevalence amongst Healthcare Professionals and Social Workers. Learners will be provided with detailed information regarding the associated stress response on the body and the mind as a result of Compassion Fatigue and Burnout. Subsequent lecture and discussion will include both proactive and reactive strategies to prevent and lessen the formation of Compassion Fatigue leading to improved individual and relational well-being. This workshop is highly interactive including Zoom breakout rooms for small group discussions, self-care assessments, and large-group discussions.  This course is approved by the Michigan Social Work Continuing Education Collaborative. 2 CEU Hours. Approval #MICE 012218​. This training meets the Social Worker requirement for 2 hours of pain and pain symptom management.  Upon purchase, you will be able to select and register for your live session by returning to your LearnUpon Dashboard, find this course you are enrolled in, and start/launch the course to select your preferred date.  You will receive confirmation/join link via email upon your date and time selection. Read More

Training Delivery Format = Online/On Demand (Asynchronous).  Substance User Disorder (SUD) is a condition that affects millions of people living in the U.S. today. Individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities experience substance abuse at a higher rate. Guiding and mentoring the individuals we support to healthy connections with family, friends, and the community is one of the best tools to overcoming an SUD. Learners will be provided with valuable information regarding risk factors, signs and symptoms, commonly abused substances, plus screening and treatment for SUD to effectively encourage and support those with Substance Use Disorder to live a healthy lifestyle. Read More

Training Delivery Format = Online/On Demand (Asynchronous). This course will enhance your skills to ask direct questions, demonstrate and verbalize safe responses to a suicide crisis situation, know resources within the community for suicide prevention. After taking this MORC Training course the learner can now recognize the serious risk potential when individuals verbalize suicidal threats. Learners are also provided with an extensive list of resources on how to react to and support individuals expressing suicidal ideation.  Read More

Training Delivery Format = Online/On Demand (ASynchronous).  This course is primarily designed for clinicians.  The Golden Thread The Golden Thread is a term that represent the linking of all the concepts in medical record documentation. Each piece of documentation flow’s logically form one to another such that someone reviewing the record can see the logical progression and understand the story that is being told about the individual’s treatment and progress.   Assessment:  must identify the critical clinical needs of the individual based on their presentation and history.   IPOS:  must reflect Goals and Objective that address the concerns of the individual identified in the assessment. Using the words or quotes form the person or guardian. This is done by developing measurable, attainable goals and objectives that provide the opportunity for the individual to actively focus on the needs reflected in their assessment in a targeted manner.  The treatment plan must have coherent and cohesive in order to establish medical necessity.   Progress notes:  must flow from the treatment plan by reflecting progress toward the identified goals and objectives and the individuals response to treatment as well as describing services that are authorized in the plan.   Progress Notes tie to the treatment plan reviews and assessment updates which review the progress described in the notes at a particular time, reiterate needs and goals, and establish the continuing need for services.The treatment plans may need to be updated as a result of the treatment plan review of the assessment update if new issues and new strategies are identified and developed with the individual. The Golden Thread weaves through our service to the individuals we support as it represents the linking of the concepts in Medical Record documentation. This course is designed to improve your clinical documentation, achieve the standards that lead to the Gold Thread through your assessments, IPOS developments, progress notes, and periodic reviews. The concepts of Medical Necessity and Medicaid Waste and Abuse are included. Course Length is 1 hour and is approved for 1 Social Work CE.   Read More

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