Training Delivery Format = Online/On Demand (Asynchronous).  This training course will help you understand your responsibilities in maintaining a safe environment for yourself and the individuals you support. Learn the causes, preparation, and responses to possible emergencies due to fire, weather, driving, poisoning, and power/water outages. Good practices lead to good emergency responses. The ability to teach, demonstrate and practice these vital skills with those we support will help them prevent, prepare for, and respond to a variety of emergencies with the confidence and skill to stay healthy and safe. Read More

Training Delivery Format = Live, Virtual (Synchronous). This five-hour interactive course is based upon the framework of the 2021 update of the Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics. As such, we will cover the core ethical values and principles, ethical standards, and ethical dilemmas needed/experienced by Social Workers and Behavioral Health Professionals. Learners will be provided with valuable resources at the time of registration to starting reviewing, including an ethical decision-making tool. This workshop is highly interactive including Zoom breakout rooms, large group discussions, interactive review questions, videos, and role-playing. This course is approved by the Michigan Social Work Continuing Education Collaborative. 5 CEU Hours. Approval #MICE 012218.  Upon purchase, you will be able to select and register for your live session by returning to your LearnUpon Dashboard, find this course you are enrolled in, and start/launch the course to select your preferred date.  You will receive confirmation/join link via email upon your date and time selection. Read More

This series begins with this course as an introduction to family support and interventions.  Whether you are a new parent, single parent, foster parent or grandparent, this educational series will provide you with the most current literature, tips and resources to help the little people in your life.   In this introduction, you will learn from two Licensed Mental Health Therapists on the different evidence-based interventions for caregivers and their families. Presenters:  Jennifer Thayer, LMSW & Zoe Compton, LMSW Outcomes will include: Explain your role in your child’s therapy Recognize the various modalities of family-based interventions Understand the value of evidence-based family groups for providing a safe place for therapy Read More

In this 2-part series, you will learn from Trauma Therapists on how trauma can affect your child, as well as how your own trauma may affect your parenting style. Presenter:  Jenny Hoggatt, LMSW Session1:   Trauma 101 Objectives: Define and create common language  What trauma does to our body in development Talking about the way this displays throughout the lifespan  Presenter:  Amanda Luteran, LPC Session 2:  Trauma throughout family generations Objectives: How childhood trauma affects us in adulthood. What is Intergenerational trauma and why does it happen. Stopping the cycle; self-care. Read More

In these two modules you will learn from a Licensed Behavior Analyst and Licensed Mental Health Therapists to better understand developmental milestones and interventions to help with challenging behaviors. Presenter:  Zoe Compton, LMSW Session 1: Understanding development and behaviors Objectives: Behavior as Communication Development stages What to expect Session 2:  Responding to Challenging Behaviors Presenter:  Larissa Heise, LMSW, BCBA, LBA Objectives: Learn 3 – 5 strategies to create a supportive environment in your home Identify 2 support strategies in each part of the behavior escalation cycle Name 3 services Easterseals Morc provides that can support me and my child Read More

In this 3-part series, you will learn from a Registered Nurse and Licensed Mental Health Therapist how mental health and physical health are connected, how to help your child cope with stress, and ways to become a healthier family. Presenter:  Ebony Redding, LMSW Session 1:  How stress impacts the body Objectives: What is stress How stress physically impacts the body Tips to decrease stress Presenter:  Alicia Petrunak, RN Session 2:   Tips to becoming a healthier family Objectives: How to help your family eat more nutritiously How to live a more active lifestyle Self-care strategies for the family Presenter:  Alicia Petrunak, RN Session 3:  My child and their relationship with food Objectives: Different Types of Eating disorders Warning signs of an eating disorder Tips to build a healthy relationship with food Read More

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